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Pumpkin Halloween Nails

The face behind the nail art

My name is Charlotte Bäcklund and I have worked at Depend for ten years.

I am a trained nail technician and hugely passionate about nail art.

I began as a saleswoman, and today work with anything and everything to do with nail polish. Colours, names, texts and images – my primary aim is to inspire you!

Good luck and remember that there are no rights and wrongs when it comes to nail decoration. You are the artist!

Were you super happy with the way your manicure turned out? Please share a picture on Depend’s Facebook or Instagram (#dependcosmetic) and be an inspiration to others.

Put your nails in focus!

Step by step

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/ Start

Steg 2

Steg 3

  • Using a nail art brush, which you will find in our decoration tools kit no. 6640, and O2 no. 039 (black), paint two crescent-shaped eyes before filling them in with black polish.

  • 6640 - Decoration tools

Steg 4

  • Now paint a larger crescent-shaped mouth and fill this in with the black polish O2 no. 039.

  • 2940039 - O2 Basic

Steg 5

  • Using a dotting tool, which you will find in our decoration tools kit no. 6640, paint eyes and teeth using O2 no. 491.

  • 6640 - Decoration tools

Steg 6

Steg 7

  • Apply a thin layer of O2 Protecting Base Coat.

    Next apply two thin coats of O2 no. 491.

    Once the polish is completely dry, apply stripes, which you will find in our Stripe kit no. 6654.

  • 6654 - Templates and striping tape

Steg 8

Steg 9

  • Carefully remove the stripes using your fingers or tweezers.

    Finish off with Matte Top Coat no. 304.

  • 2940304 - O2 Basic

/ Resultatet