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Depend Basic nail care

Depend Basic Nail Care is designed for anyone who wants to treat and care for their nails, no matter whether they are healthy or suffer from a specific problem. The ingredients have been combined using the very latest techniques for maximum effect, and to comply with today’s stringent environmental requirements. All products in the range are free from formaldehyde, camphor and toluene.


2872 Dip-in Nagellackremover

Good nail care starts with choosing the right nail polish remover. If you clean your nails with products that are too strong and contain acetone, for example, the nails will dry out, and it will be difficult to restore their strength and flexibility straight away.

Nail polish removers must not contain oil, colour or perfume, since these may cause discoloration of the nail plate. Oil makes it more difficult to apply nail polish afterwards, as oil residues can remain in the nail, and as a result, the polish will not adhere as it should. All of Depend’s nail polish removers fulfil these requirements, and you can choose between the following different types:

GreenA revolutionary product for nail polish removal. Odourless, with a pioneering new formula that is a complete innovation: it is environment friendly and gentle on your nails. Also available as a Dip-remover, and awarded a prize at the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetic Awards 2008.

RödNail polish remover for those who need to remove nail polish from nails built up using acrylic, gel, etc. or who use false nails.

4206 Nagelbandsrengöring

Blue. Super fast remover. For use on natural nails only. Also available as a Dip-remover.

Purple. Fast/odourless nail polish remover for natural nails only. Also available as a Dip-remover and remover pads.

Clean your cuticles regularlyThe next important cleansing step is to care for your cuticles. Use Nail & Cuticle Cleanser to clean them. This product has an antibacterial effect and removes dead skin cells and traces of skin on the nail. Above all, it makes your whole hand look more attractive. Removing the dead skin cells allows an improved flow of nutrients to the place where they are needed most – the nail root. This results in faster nail growth. It is much easier to polish your nail if you have cleaned the area around the nail root.
Nail & Cuticle Cleanser is a product that a lot of people forget about, but it is the most important product for creating good hygiene, and will rapidly give you healthier, more beautiful nails. For further information, see under Basic Care.


4203 MyrraoljaMyrrh Oil:
Now your nails have been properly cleaned, the next step is to apply Myrrh Oil, which is enriched with almond oil and vitamin E. The molecules in Myrrh Oil are so small that they can penetrate the fibres of the nail and the nail root for active effect.

This oil moisturises the nail and provides it with nutrients, and strengthens new growth. It helps to bind the upper and lower parts of the nail plate together, so the nail structure is hard and strong, yet flexible.

4207 NagelbandscremeCuticle Cream:
Softening and nourishing, supplying moisture to the cuticle. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Allantoin, which care for and help to restore split, dry or damaged cuticles.


4202 Powerflex NagelskarkarePowerflex Nail Strengthener:
Lots of people think Nail Strengthener is a miracle product, but that is not true. Using this product alone won’t solve your nail problems. All it does is postpone them.

First you have to clean and care for your nails, and use those products that actively promote nail growth.

Strengthening Nail serum:4208 Starkande Nagelserum
Strengthening Nail serum maintains moisture balance and penetrates the nail to help the layers bind together so that the nail can grow to be strong and flexible again.


4200 Skyddande BaslackProtective Base Coat:
To get your nail polish to attach to your nail, you have to use a Base Coat/Undercoat and a Top Coat. Nothing works unless you do that: your nail polish will not last, whichever brand you buy.

Protective Base Coat creates a perfect surface for your polish and protects against colour penetrating the nail and causing discolouration.

4201 Quick Shine TopplackQuick & Shine Top Coat :
Quick & Shine Top Coat gives you a highly glossy, impact resistant surface and perfect protection. It also dries super fast.
NB! Always apply thin coats of any kind of polish to your nails. The polish dries faster and gives better results.

SPECIAL products

4204 BeautylackBeauty Polish:
Restores a healthy appearance to dull, lifeless or yellowish nails with ridges. Microfibres even out any ridges and provide a perfect finish. This polish contains a violet pigment to camouflage yellowing nails.

4205 AllroundlackAll-round polish:
A unique formula gives this product all-round properties. Base Coat/Under Coat, Top Coat and strengthener all in one.

4250 Fransk Manikyrset, rosaFrench manicure:
Available in two different colours: Pink and beige. The trendiest look just now! Equally suitable for everyday use and for partying.

4190 Handcreme DagDay and Night Hand Cream:
Depend Day Hand Cream is non-sticky and rapidly absorbed by the skin. Contains natural oils to soften skin and restore moisture. Enriched with aloe vera, allantoin and vitamin E.

Depend Night Hand Cream restores skin intensively. Natural oils add moisture and soften your skin while you get your beauty sleep. Enriched with aloe vera, allantoin, vitamin E and shea butter.