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Depend Exclusive Nail care

Depend Exclusive Nail Care is an upgraded nail care range based on Depend’s Basic Nail Care range, where top quality and maximum effect are combined with consideration for the environment. This range is free from substances such as formaldehyde, camphor and toluene, which are now considered undesirable in connection with allergies. If you are looking for tips and advice on the best way to treat and care for your nails, then you’ve come to the right place!

Clean your cuticles regularly!


Nail polish removerexklusiv remover. Good nail care starts with choosing the right nail polish remover. If you clean your nails with products that are too strong and contain acetone, for example, the nails will dry out, and it will be difficult to restore their strength and flexibility straight away.
Nail polish removers must not contain oil, colour or perfume, since these may cause discoloration of the nail plate. Oil makes it more difficult to apply nail polish afterwards, as oil residues can remain in the nail, and as a result, the polish will not adhere as it should.
All of Depend’s nail polish removers fulfil these requirements, and you can choose between the following different types:

Red. Nail polish remover for those who need to remove nail polish from nails built up using acrylic, gel, etc. or who use false nails.

Blue. Super fast remover. For use on natural nails only.

Cuticle Peeling.exklusiv nb peelingClean your cuticles regularly! The first and most important step towards perfect nail care is to clean your nails and cuticles. To do this you need Cuticle Peeling. This product has a bactericidal effect and removes dead skin cells and traces of skin on the nail. Clearing away the dead skin cells increases the supply of nutrients to the nail root. The oxygen supply is also increased, which facilitates cell renewal. This means healthier nails, and they grow faster. It is much easier to apply nail polish if you have cleaned the area around the nail root. Cuticle Peeling is something a lot of people forget about, but it is the most important product for creating good hygiene, and will rapidly give you healthier nails that can grow longer and more beautiful. Besides, cuticle peeling makes your whole hand look more attractive.


exklusiv oljaAvocado Oil will provide intensive care for your nails, especially if they are dry, cracked, soft or split. Avocado oil is enriched with jojoba oil, almond oil, vitamin E and aloe vera. The molecules in Avocado Oil are so small that they can penetrate the fibres of the nail and the nail root and speed up growth.

Avocado Oil nourishes and restores the nail and conserves moisture. It also helps to bind the upper and lower parts of the nail plate together, making the structure of the nail hard and strong, yet flexible. It has an active effect on the nail root and stimulates cell renewal.



exklusiv cremeCuticle Cream helps the skin to maintain the correct moisture balance in the cuticle. It softens the cuticle, providing it with nutrients. Enriched with aloe vera and allantoin. Protects and hastens the repair of cracked, dry or damaged cuticles.


exklusiv ginsengGinseng Nail Serum is specially formulated for those who have dry, easily split nails. It maintains moisture balance and penetrates the nail to help the layers bind together so that the nail can grow to be strong and flexible again. Enriched with Ginseng, vitamin E and wheat protein.

exklusiv pantenolPanthenol Strengthener. Lots of people think nail strengtheners can work miracles, but that is not true. Using this product alone won’t solve your nail problems. All it does is postpone them. First you have to clean and care for your nails, and use those products that actively promote nail growth; Cuticle Peeling, Avocado oil and Cuticle Cream. In other words, Panthenol Strengthener should be used for protection – but you must have something to protect first.


exklusiv baslackOptimal Start Base Coat. To get your nail polish to attach to your nail, you have to use a Base Coat/Undercoat and a Top Coat. Nothing works unless you do that: your nail polish will not last, whichever brand you buy.

Optimal Start Base Coat is the perfect foundation, which means that your nail polish will adhere extremely well, and stay longer on the nail without chipping. It protects the nail, preventing pigment from the nail polish penetrating your natural nail, causing discolouration. Dries fast.



exklusiv topplackQuick Dry & Shine Top Coat adds maximum gloss and dries extremely fast. Provides the best possible protection, so your nail polish lasts significantly longer.
NB! Always apply thin coats of any kind of polish to your nails. The polish dries faster and gives better results.


 exklusiv ridgeFoundation Ridgefiller contains microfibres that fill in irregularities in the nail and provide a perfect finish. It restores a healthy appearance to dull, lifeless nails. It contains a violet pigment, which counteracts and reduces yellow discoloration on the nail.

3 i 13 in 1 Multilac. Nail strengthener, base coat and top coat all in one. Ideal if you already have nice nails, but want daily protection. A unique formula enriched with amino acids that build up and strengthen the natural structure of the nail.