• Eyelash curler

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  • Perfectly shaped eyelashes - Quickly and simply! Battery-operated. Safe and effective. Easy to use with long-lasting results.

Pro tip

Flirty lashes!

1. Open the battery cover.
2. Insert two AAA-batteries (not supplied). Check that the batteries are turned the right way as shown on the bottom of the battery compartment.
3. Replace the battery cover.
4. Push the switch upwards. The indicator lamp will light up.
5. After a few seconds the silicone pad will change colour from red to white. The curler is now at an optimum working temperature and is ready to use. The heating element maintains the optimum temperature during use.
6. Hold the curler with the front towards you. Place the warm silicone pad at the roots of your eyelash.
7. Move the regulator upwards, and hold it there for a few seconds.
8. When you have finished, turn off the curler by pressing the switch downwards.

Please take care
– Read the instructions carefully before use.
– During use, make sure that the silicone pad does not come in contact with skin or eyelids.
– Do not use the curler if you are wearing contact lenses.
– Keep out of the reach of children.
– Do not let the curler get wet.
– Do not use the curler for purposes other than that they are intended for.
– Always switch the curler off after use.