• #1649
  • Versatile tool with dotting balls in two sizes for drawing various designs and applying nail art

Pro tip

For marbling, dots, patterns and glitter.

1. Marbling: Use to make marbling nail art with polishes in two or more colours. Instructions: Place a droplet of each desired colour (minimum two colours) onto the nail. Swirl them with the dotting tool to create a marble art effect. Allow it to dry completely.

2. Dots and patterns: Use as a drawing tool to create different sized dots and various designs such as dots, lines, flowers, etc.

3. Glitter nail art: Mix the glitter with top coat on a non-porous surface, like aluminium foil, and apply to nails.

4. Rhinestone picker: Dip the tip of the dotting tool lightly into Top Coat. Pick up the stone immediately. Place the stone on the desired target spot while the Top Coat is still slightly wet. Press down gently to set.

Cleaning the dotting tool:
Moisten a cotton wool pad with nail polish remover ad rub the tool gently to remove the nail polish. You should clean the tool every time you use it.

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