• Basic Nail care

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  • Depend Nail & Cuticle cleanser is the most important product for good quality nails. It removes dead skin cells effectively in the area around the cuticle. It increases the oxygen supply, promoting the growth of the nails and improving their quality.

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Pro tip

Who doesn’t love the feeling of newly done nails? With our products you can ealisy take care of your nails and hands at home!

8 ml

Apply to the cuticle and around the nail root. Leave it for 4 minutes to allow it to take effect. Massage the cuticle and nail and clean using a nailbrush. Rinse off with warm water.

NB! Do not leave in contact with the skin or nail for more than 5 minutes.

For maximum effect, apply Myrrh Oil next (Step 2) and Cuticle Cream (Step 3). Also perfect for pedicures.

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