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  • Panthenol Strengthener is enriched with Panthenol, which forms a protective shield on the nail plate to strengthen and protect the nail. It works immediately to make your nails more resistant. It prevents water or harsh fluids from penetrating into the nail and drying it out or becoming porous. This protection also means that your natural nails will grow faster and become longer and more beautiful.

  • This product is Strengthening

Pro tip

For beautiful hands with a long-lasting result - Depend Exclusive Nail Care

15 ml

Apply 1-2 coats and then one coat every three days to maintain the effect.

Important! When you touch up with a new coat of Panthenol Strengthener, you do not need to remove the old coat first. This means you need not expose your nails to strong varnish removers, which may dry out the nail plate, before applying a new coat of Panthenol Strengthener.

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