• Facial Cleansing Kit

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  • The Depend Facial Cleansing Kit makes your skin feel cleaner and smoother, and gives it an added glow. Feel the difference after a really effective cleansing session. Exfoliate deep down by using the brush dry on your skin or moistened with your chosen facial cleanser. The vibrating motion also helps stimulate the blood flow in your skin, producing a rejuvenating effect.

Pro tip

For clean and fresh skin with a fantastic glow

1 x cleansing kit powered by two AA batteries (not included), 3 x exfoliating/cleansing brushes

Cleaning the kit
1. Always clean the entire kit after use. Do not rinse the entire device under running water. Wipe the handle section with a damp cloth.
2. Do not use strong cleaning agents, alcohol or powdered detergent to clean the plastic.
3. Clean the brush in tap water, keeping the temperature around 50oC.
4. Also clean the inside of the cleansing brush – but not under running water.
5. Leave the kit to air dry after cleaning.
6. Put the kit back in its original packaging until the next time you want to use it.
7. Remove the batteries after each use.

Exfoliating/cleansing brush
Use the brush to cleanse and exfoliate your skin either by dry brushing or using it together with your facial cleanser.

Use a hair band to keep your hair off your face and to prevent it getting caught in the rotating parts of the device.
Switch on the device and massage carefully and evenly with the brush. You might like to use the Facial Cleansing Kit together with your chosen facial cleansing product. The brush can be used dry or wet together with a cleansing product. The recommended massage time is around 4-5 minutes. Reduce this time for the neck, as the skin there is thinner and more sensitive.

Avoid using on dry, rough, or sensitive skin, or skin with acne or burn injuries.
Clean the entire kit at regular intervals to keep it in best condition.
Keep out of the reach of children.

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