Academy / Beautiful Nails with O2 3-Step Action Nail Care Kit

Beautiful Nails with O2 3-Step Action Nail Care Kit

Welcome to Depend’s own Nail Academy!

Below we will show you how to easily create a beautiful manicure at home using the O2 3-Step Action Nail Care Kit. This 3-step method is by far the best treatment available to rebuild dry, chapped or soft nails, or nails that simply aren’t doing too well.

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Put your nails in focus!

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/ Start

Steg 2

  • The first thing we do is apply cuticle peeling gel. This is the most important product when it comes to nail care, as it removes dead skin cells and traces of skin from the nail. Leave it to take effect for one minute.

Steg 3

  • Now brush clean with a nailbrush. Finish by brushing your nails under running water.

  • 2352 - Nail brush

Steg 4

  • Now scrape away any residues at the side of the nail with an orange stick.

    To get the best results, use cuticle peeling about once a week.

  • 2351 - Orange sticks

Steg 5

  • We’ll continue by buffing the nails. You should buff your nails about once a month to get rid of any traces of old nail polish and nail polish remover that can leave a film on the nail. Once you have buffed your nails using the pink side of the file, use the grey side to achieve a high-shine finish.

  • 2219 - Nail file, Soft Buffer

Steg 6

  • Now apply the nail oil. Nail oil should be applied to the cuticle, the nail and under the nail tips. Use nail oil preferably every evening, but at least three times a week to get the best results. Nail oil can help you to develop strong, yet flexible nails.

/ Resultatet

  • Complete the treatment with hand and cuticle cream. Massage in for a minute.