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Nail art school Dotting Tool

This tool enables you to add dots and marbling to your nails. All you need to create fun, simple and unique patterns is your favourite nail polish! Tip: The Dotting Tool can also be used to pick up decorations like stones if you dip it in Top Coat.

If you are really pleased with your nail art, then you are very welcome to share a picture with Depend on Facebook or Instagram (#depend) and inspire others!
Let your nails do the talking!

Step by step

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/ Start

  • Have everything you need ready before you start polishing your nails. Read right through the instructions before you begin applying polish. Remember to protect the surface you are working on, in case you spill any nail polish.

    Begin with a manicure: file and shape your nails and clean them with Depend blue nail polish remover before you apply polish.

  • 2879 - Nail polish remover Super fast 100 ml

Steg 2

  • Apply a thin layer of Depend Base Coat. Allow it to dry.

    Apply two thin coats of the chosen colour. The picture shows Minilac no. 039. Allow it to dry.

  • 2937039 - Nail polish Basic

Steg 3

Steg 4

  • Two stripes of polish have been applied to the nail tip in the example shown in the picture. Treat one nail at a time.

Steg 5

  • Draw the dotting tool through both colours to create a marbling effect. This should be done immediately, so that the polish does not have time to dry.

/ Resultatet