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Eyebrow coloring

The pack contains all you need for a perfect eyebrow colour. Simple and safe to use, with a colour result that will last for weeks. The perfect “natural look” that means you look smart in the morning, when playing sport, sun-bathing, swimming or whatever else you do. Available in black, dark brown and brown.

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  • Apply a thin layer of the ready-mixed colouring cream onto your eyebrows with the application brush.

  • 4023 - Eyebrow colour

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  • If you prefer a little more definition, pick up some of the colour on an orange stick and apply it in slightly sharper lines.

  • 4023 - Eyebrow colour

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  • Leave to take effect for 5-15 minutes, depending on how dark you want the colour to be.

    Make sure that none gets into the eyes, as the mixture contains peroxide. If any cream gets into the eye, carefully rinse with plenty of water.

  • 4023 - Eyebrow colour

/ Resultatet

  • Remove the colouring mixture with a dry cotton wool pad. Then dampen the cotton wool pad and repeat.


    It’s best to apply Depend Eyelash Nourishment to your eyebrows after treatment.

    This helps to retain the hair’s natural moisture balance while strengthening and protecting the hair.

    Eyelash nourishment is best used every evening following cleansing to retain natural sheen and beauty.