Academy / Manicure with Depend Miracle Kit

Manicure with Depend Miracle Kit

Welcome to Depend’s own Nail Academy!

Below we will show you how to easily create a beautiful manicure at home with the Depend Miracle Kit.

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Put your nails in focus!

Step by step/ Video

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/ Start

  • Begin by filing your nails to the preferred length and shape. Remember to always file your nails at a 90-degree angle. Always finish filing with the finest side.

  • 2217 - All-round file

Steg 2

  • Apply nail & cuticle cleanser along the cuticle. Allow it to work for 2-5 minutes. This is the most important product for achieving good quality nails.

Steg 3

  • Clean the nails and cuticles carefully, using a nail brush. Finish under running water.

  • 2352 - Nail brush

Steg 4

  • Now buff your nails. Roughen the nail surface with the pink side of the file. Next use the grey side to achieve a high-shine finish.

  • 2219 - Nail file, Soft Buffer

Steg 5

  • Apply myrrh oil to the cuticles, nails and under the nail tips. Massage in for a minute.

/ Resultatet

  • Now apply cuticle cream to the cuticles and massage in for a minute.

    For a wonderful feeling of general wellbeing, complete your manicure with hand cream.