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Perfect Eye – Beauty Kit

Depend Eyebrow Beauty Kit contains everything you need to create perfect brows. Two shades of eyebrow shadow – one for colour and one for correction, two different highlighters to lift and add brilliance, and a wax for a final finish and to set your brows. The kit also includes brushes and an applicator. You can choose between four different stencils in order to find the perfect brow shape for you.

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/ Start

  • Start by combing through your brows with the angled brush or the wand end of the Depend Duo Brush. Comb upwards and outwards.

  • 4956 - Eyebrow Duo Brush

Steg 2

  • Pick up a little eyebrow shadow with the thin, angled brush. You can work the product into the brush by brushing against the back of your hand to make sure you do not apply too much shadow in one go.

  • 4930 - Eyebrow Beauty Kit

Steg 3

  • Apply the shadow in a line along your lower brow line. Start in the approximate middle of the brow and draw the line outward towards the narrow tip of the brow. Then continue the line in towards the bridge of the nose. This is to avoid you getting too much colour at the start of the brow, where it is thickest.

    Most people’s eyebrows are slightly softer and sparser near the bridge of the nose, and we want to keep that for a natural look. So always remember that the brow should be fainter and less defined where it starts, and narrower and more clearly defined towards the outer tip.

  • 4930 - Eyebrow Beauty Kit

Steg 4

  • If your brow is over a growth or a scar, or if for any other reason you do not like its shape, place the line where you want it to be rather than following the existing line under the brow. The eyebrow shadow will fill in any bare spots in your brow in a natural way.

  • 4930 - Eyebrow Beauty Kit

Steg 5

  • Put a little shadow on the brush and this time apply it in a line along your upper brow line. Start in the middle, work out towards the tip and then continue by creating a much fainter and less defined line at the thicker end of the brow. Here you follow the natural brow line.

    Use the angled brush again to carefully blend more shadow into the brow from the lower brow line. Always brush along the hairs using small, short strokes.

  • 4930 - Eyebrow Beauty Kit

Steg 6

  • Fill in the rest of the eyebrow by applying shadow along the hairs using small strokes. Start from the middle of the brow and try to get a bolder, more defined brow towards the far end of the tip, and make sure you only use a little shadow on the inner part of the brow so that it is faint and less defined.

    For a more defined brow, you can carefully apply a little extra shadow along underneath the brow.

    Move back a little from the mirror occasionally to make it easier to see if you have achieved a natural result. If you have applied too much shadow anywhere and the result is too dark, blend in some of the light shadow. Apply the shadow where you want it using small strokes along the hairs. For best results, comb through with the wand end of the Duo Brush.

  • 4930 - Eyebrow Beauty Kit

Steg 7

  • Brush through the brow with the wand end of the Duo Brush so the eyebrow shadow is distributed and blended nicely and evenly.

    Use the angled brush to apply eyebrow wax by gently stroking the brush in the direction of hair growth.

    Define the brow further by applying concealer all along underneath the brow with the Eyebrow Duo Styler Wax & Concealer Pencil. Take care not to get any on the hairs and to properly blend the concealer downwards towards the eye for a natural result. If you find that the upper line of your brow is poorly defined, you can apply a little concealer along this line too. You have to be really sparing with the product, and take extra care to blend it in for a natural look

  • 4910 - Eyebrow Duo Styler – Wax & Concealer Pencil

/ Resultatet

  • Finish by applying highlighter from the Eyebrow Beauty Kit underneath your brow, focusing on the curve of the brow.  Take care to properly blend the highlighter downwards towards the eye for a natural result.

  • 4956 - Eyebrow Duo Brush