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Perfect Eye – Eyebrow Pencil Triangular

Depend Eyebrow Pencil – Triangular is a pencil with a specially designed tip and a unique consistency that enables you to create perfect fine or broad lines and shade larger areas, adding definition to your brows.  Eyebrow Pencil Triangular comes complete with an eyebrow brush, is waterproof and has a long-lasting formula.

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/ Start

Steg 2

  • Angle the edge of the tip of the pencil along the eyebrow and draw a line along your lower brow line. Start in the approximate middle of the brow and draw the line outward towards the temple and the narrow tip of the brow. Then continue the line in towards the bridge of the nose. This is to avoid you getting too much colour at the start of the brow, where it is thickest.

  • 4920 - Eyebrowpencil Triangular

Steg 3

  • Most people’s eyebrows are slightly sparser near the bridge of the nose, and we want to keep that for a natural look. So always remember that the brow should be fainter and less defined where it starts, and narrower and more clearly defined towards the outer tip.

  • 4920 - Eyebrowpencil Triangular

Steg 4

Steg 5

  • Use the long narrow edge again to draw a line along your upper brow line. Start in the middle, work out towards the tip and then continue by creating a much fainter line at the thicker end of the brow. Follow your natural brow line.

    Using the thick part of the pencil and small strokes, fill in the eyebrow by adding shading along the hairs. Angle the pencil and try to get a bolder, more defined brow towards the far end of the tip. Make sure that you use the broad side of the pencil to add shade sparingly to the inner part of the brow so that it is faint and less defined.

    You can also carefully fill in a little extra along the lower brow line by drawing the thick side of the pencil up into the brow at an angle. Use small strokes and start at the lower brow line.

  • 4920 - Eyebrowpencil Triangular

Steg 6

  • Brush through the brow with the wand end so the colour is distributed and blended nicely and evenly and any sharp lines are removed.

    If you want a bolder, more defined look, continue working with the pencil in the same way. Depend Eyebrow Pencil Triangular is brilliant at gradually building up more colour and definition.

  • 4920 - Eyebrowpencil Triangular

/ Resultatet

  • Tip!

    Finish off by defining the brow further by applying a concealer, for example Depend Eyebrow Duo Styler “Wax & Concealer Pencil”, and/or a highlighter from the Depend Eyebrow Beauty Kit all along underneath the brow. Take care to properly blend the highlighter and the concealer downwards towards the eye for a natural result.

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