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Perfect Eye – Eyelash Applicator

Apply artificial eyelashes like a pro with the Depend Eyelash Applicator. This stainless steel applicator has been specially designed to make it easier to apply artificial eyelashes. Works like tweezers but has a broader gripping surface that is rubber-coated and so guaranteed not to damage the structure of the lashes.

The other end of the applicator has a pointed rubber pad for pressing the artificial eyelashes firmly to your eyelid.

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/ Start

  • Carefully remove the eyelashes from the packaging and the holder. They may straighten out slightly as you do this, so I usually wind them around my finger like a little grass skirt to give them a nice curve again.

    While I do this, I can open the glue.

    You can reseal the glue by turning the cap around and putting it back on the tube.

Steg 2

  • Now check whether you need to trim the eyelashes. Hold them up to your eye to see whether or not they are too long.

Steg 3

Steg 4

  • Position the eyelashes against your own lashes, as close as possible, and press into place with the other end of the applicator.

  • 4954 - Eyelash Applicator

Steg 5

  • Press with the other end of the applicator so that the lashes adhere properly. First press in the centre, then the right and left sides.

  • 4954 - Eyelash Applicator

Steg 6

  • If you find that there is a visible join between the artificial eyelashes and your natural lashes, you can easily correct it by applying a little extra eyeliner.

  • 4929 - Eyeliner Pro Sharp

/ Resultatet

  • There! Beautiful lashes, quickly and easily.