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Perfect Eye – Eyeliner

Create the perfect flick with Depend Eyeliner – Pro Sharp. This flexible brush with its fine tip gives you precision control for both discreet and more intense makeup. Waterproof formula that lasts all day and night.

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/ Start

  • Begin by applying your preferred eye makeup, but not your mascara.

    Rest the tip at an angle above the outer corner of your eye and draw it towards the middle of the eye, along your eyelashes.

  • 4929 - Eyeliner Pro Sharp

Steg 2

Steg 3

  • Finish by touching up the line in the middle of your eye and joining the two lines.

    Remember that the line should be thinner closer to the inner corner of your eye and thicker towards the outer corner, nearest the temple.

    Finish with mascara.

  • 4929 - Eyeliner Pro Sharp

/ Resultatet

  • Tip!

    Apply a few Depend Artificial Eyelashes for really intense and professional-looking makeup.