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Perfect Eye – Lash & Eyebrow Colour (Eyebrow)

For perfect eyes without makeup, use Depend Lash & Eyebrow Colour. Your eyes are always accentuated naturally, first thing in the morning, doing sport, sunbathing or swimming. Lash & Eyebrow Colour has a new and revolutionary herb and plant-based formula that includes yarrow, marigold, green tea and blueberries, among other ingredients. This unique composition has created a product that is waterproof, gentle to use, quick and easy to apply and which produces an intense colour that lasts. It also gives the impression of longer lashes and accentuates eyebrows. Treatment only takes a few minutes and the results last for up to 6 weeks. Available in the colours black, brown black, dark brown and brown.

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/ Start

  • Remove all makeup in the area that will be coloured using an oil-free eye makeup remover. It is important that you remove all traces of makeup products, as these can prevent a good end result being achieved. The hair to be coloured must be completely clean and dry.

    Open up the tip of the developing gel (tube 2) using the accompanying pin. It is important not to cut off the tip, as that would mean it is no longer possible to guarantee the airtightness of the tube until the next treatment.

    Put a dab of the colour gel (step 1) in bowl no. 1 on the mixing tray

Steg 2

  • Now apply the colour gel to the eyebrows using the application brush. It is important to completely cover all the hair to be coloured.

Steg 3

  • Once you have applied the gel to both eyebrows, run the application brush through the hair one more time to ensure that the eyebrows are evenly coated with colour gel.

    Leave the colour gel to take effect for 4 minutes. NB: If using black, increase the time to 8 minutes for maximum effect.

Steg 4

  • At the end of the colouring time, remove excess gel carefully using a clean cotton bud. It is important not to leave any excess gel behind.

Steg 5

  • Apply protective cream using a cotton bud to the skin around the eyebrows to avoid this becoming stained (image 2b). Make sure that the protective cream does not get on your brows, as this will ruin the colour result.


Steg 6

  • Put a dab of the developing gel (step 2) in bowl no. 2 on the mixing tray.

Steg 7

  • Apply developing gel to the eyebrows using the applicator.

Steg 8

  • Distribute the gel evenly, ensuring that all the hairs are properly covered. Wipe off any black gel that has appeared on the applicator (after doing the first eyebrow) and apply fresh gel to the second eyebrow. Apply a new, thin layer to the eyebrows to ensure that the gel completely covers them. Always use a clean, dry applicator when applying new gel from the mixing tray.

    Leave the developing gel to take effect for 2 minutes. NB: If using black, increase the time to 4 minutes for maximum effect.

/ Resultatet

  • Moisten a cotton wool pad with lukewarm water and carefully wipe away any excess colour from the eyebrows (image 4). If the gel has come into contact with the skin, wipe this away as well.

    Always clean the application brush, the applicator and the mixing tray with a little water and washing-up liquid after use.