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  • Decoration for your nails.

Pro tip

French manicure with a twist - sprinkle glitter over half the nail!

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1. Have everything you need ready before you start polishing your nails. Read right through the instructions before you begin applying polish. Remember to protect the surface you are working on, in case you spill any nail polish.
Begin with a manicure: file and shape your nails and clean them with Depend blue nail polish remover before you polish your nails.

2. Apply a thin layer of Depend Base Coat.
(If you want a base colour under the glitter – apply the chosen colour. In the picture we have only used Depend Base Coat.)

3. Sprinkle Glitter over the nail while the polish is wet, so that the glitter is attached. Squeeze the glitter tube carefully to get the Glitter out. Tip! You could also choose to sprinkle glitter over part of the nail, as a French manicure, or in a stripe etc.

4. Finish with Depend Top Coat. We recommend two layers, to make sure you have sealed the Glitter. Touch up every three days with Top Coat to make your nail polish last better.

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