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  • 3-step method that produces miraculous results. Intensive treatment restores dry, cracked or soft nails. Gives you stronger, more flexible nails for maximum durability. Nail care is not something you can rush through in five minutes; it takes time. This is a combination of different products to give you an optimal result.

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25 ml Hand Cream
10 ml Cuticle Cream
8 ml Nail & Cuticle Cleanser
8 ml Myrrh Oil
1 file
1 orange stick
1 nail brush

Wash your hands, and clean your nails using Depend Nail Polish Remover if you have polish on them. File your nails to the desired length and shape. Dip your fingers in a bowl of warm water (3-4 minutes) to soften your cuticles.

Step 1

Apply Nail & Cuticle Cleanser to your cuticles and the base of each nail if there are traces of skin there.  This is the most important product for achieving good quality nails. It removes dead skin cells effectively in the area around the cuticle. It increases the oxygen supply, promoting the growth of the nails and improving their quality. Allow the Nail & Cuticle Cleanser to work for 2-5 minutes. Clean the cuticle and nail carefully, using the nail brush. Finish brushing under warm running water. Using the orange stick very gently, “ease” the cuticle back. If you have white deposits of skin at the root of your nail, remove them with the orange stick.

Step 2

Apply some Myrrh Oil to the nail, cuticle and under the nail tip, and massage it in for a few minutes. Myrrh Oil provides intensive care for dry nails that chip or crack easily or are soft. Restores your nails and provides them with nutrients. It has a moisturising effect, strengthens the nail plates and helps to bind them together so that the nails become stronger and more flexible and grow faster.

Step 3

Then apply Cuticle Cream to the cuticle and massage it in for a few minutes. The cream protects cracked, dry or damaged cuticles and hastens regeneration. Cuticle cream is enriched with aloe vera and allantoin, which soften and moisturise the cuticle, providing it with nutrients.

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