• Fast repair with silk fibre

  • #6230
  • For quick repairs, strength and maximum protection.

Pro tip

A lifesaver – Depend Nail Repair Kit!

3 g Nail repair adhesive with brush
Silk fibres
Nail file
Buffing file
Orange stick

1. Clean your hands and nails.
2. File your nails to the desired shape.
3. For maximum durability, gently “roughen” the surface of the nail, using the pink section on the buffing file.
4. Select the piece of silk tissue that is the right shape for your nail. Then place the silk tissue on the nail you are treating with the pre-glued side towards the nail.
5. Press and even out the surface so that there are no blisters.
6. File away the silk tissue that extends beyond the top of your nail.
7. Brush on a very thin layer of Depend repair adhesive. When it is completely dry, repeat the same procedure twice more, to give a total of three thin applications of Repair Adhesive.
8. Complete the treatment by buffing the nails with the buffing file.
9. To remove, use Depend Artificial Nail Remover.

Warning: The glue contains Cyanoacrylate. Irritates eyes,respiratory organs and skin. If the glue comes in contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and call a doctor immediately. If glue sticks to the skin, do not pull it off, but use an acetone-based remover. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from heat sources. Nail glue can stain or damage fabrics.

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