• Rhinestone Kit for your nails

  • #6644
  • Kit with 144 Rhinestones to enable you to create beautiful decorations on your nails.

Pro tip

Everything you need to create beautiful decorations on your nails!

Contents: 144 Rhinestones, 1 orange stick, 1 applicator.

Decorate your nails – how to do it:

  1. Complete the nail polish you have chosen as a base. Then it is best to add a layer of top coat.
  2. Before the polish has dried, place the stones to decorate your nail using the enclosed applicator or orange stick. Remember to press the stones firmly into the polish, and they will adhere better. Hint: If you dip the applicator or orange stick lightly in Top Coat it will be easier to pick up the stones.
  3. Seal the decoration with 1 – 2 thin layers of Top Coat. Done! Touch up with Top Coat every second or third day.

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