• Ridgefiller

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  • A mineral-based Ridgefiller that fills out and camouflages irregularities in your nails. It restores a healthy appearance to dull, lifeless nails. Perfect for a natural look or as a base coat. It helps your nail polish to adhere better and last longer. It protects the nail, preventing pigment from the nail polish penetrating your natural nail, causing discolouration. Dries fast. Contains UV filter and prevents yellowing. Enriched with Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

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Pro tip

A new, innovative O2-formula that allows 30 % more oxygen through to your nails!

11 ml

Shake the bottle well. Apply one or two thin layers as required. Allow to dry between each application. Then apply your favourite polish and finish off with Depend Glossy Top Coat.

You can also use this product on its own. Apply two thin layers for a clean, natural look.

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