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  • Depend Eyebrow Colour produces an intense colour in the eyebrows, emphasising their shape in a more pronounced way. New formula with rice protein and oil extracted from cuckoo flower reduces the treatment time and produces salon results. The hair colouring process is gentler — and the result is permanent and waterproof. Lasts up to 6 weeks. Choose between the colours black, brown black, dark brown and brown. Read through all the instructions and information on the allergy test before commencing colouring.

Pro tip

Trim and shape your eyebrows

The pack contains: 1 eyebrow trimmer, 2 combs, 1 cleaning brush, instructions for use.

To trim eyebrows
Attach one of the combs supplied (2 mm or 4 mm). The teeth of the comb must be fitted in the same direction as the trimmer blade. The trimmer must always be switched off when attaching or removing a comb.
Switch on the trimmer (position 1). Trim your eyebrows to the desired length by carefully combing against the direction of growth. Start from the outer part of each eyebrow (by the temple).
To shape eyebrows
To shave away unwanted hair, use the trimmer without either of the combs supplied. The trimmer then works like an electric shaver, so be careful to only use it like this on hair that you actually want to remove.
Use the trimmer beneath your eyebrows or over the bridge of your nose to remove unwanted hair from these areas.

Lift each eyebrow slightly with your fingers to stretch the skin beneath the brow and make it easier to get at all hairs.

NB! Only use the brush supplied to clean it; never use water.

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